This is how we win the AI race.
BYOD(Bring Your Own Data)

About Pixelate protocol

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We at pixelate found a way to monetise capturing and owning photos. We treat a JPEG file as commodity; and mint NFTs against their metadata on near protocol. That’s not all, we are social media, we are a wallet app, we even have DAOs. How? With JPEGs?

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Web3.0 for the Web2.0 world

Next-Level of Internet

This the modern day platform where your regular social media is given meaning and more importantly fairness. Take a JPEG and wrap the current internet features around it, you have magic!
Camera + Social Media + Wallet + Communities

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Wondering how to win the AI race?

In non technical words, just upload photos.

Still not convinced?

Let us tell you more about how we employ JPEGs?

The internet ushered in a new world of Purpose decentralised networks and the ability for anyone to earn money from their content. Pixelate is built upon this very premise and aims to remove barriers of participation. The internet democratised how we communicate, how we share, how we consume content—via blogs, social media, etc. As a next frontier, Pixelate will enable anyone with a mobile phone camera to be able to sell their photos easily and directly to users who are willing to pay. Future AIs will use your data, pay you dividend for your data. Who has the rights to your JPEG data? Who earns from you posting a JPEG?