Pixel Camera

Computational Photography

All these cameras in the market, competing for one sole purpose to produce the best quality image. Images to be so real, crisp, clear and, fine detailed. It’s a race with smartphones taking on market lead in just past five years, in a century-old industry. So far it was a race to produce the best hardware of camera and lenses to innovate and drafting the learning curve. Shapes, sizes, mobility, and compactness did their thing, sooner or later compactness will reach its physical limitation, one just cannot keep on going sticking five cameras to a smartphone and expect consumer to pay for the design cost. Computational photography on the other end of this spectrum which purely relies on the software part of digital photography.


"What if all you ever needed was a single camera application and updates for a lifetime, no more need to buy a new device every year? One camera application to administer all your image data."

How does the camera application work?

1. Open camera


A decentralized Camera application for smartphones to capture better quality images from any device. Backed by distributed ledger to record and store value and ownership of image data through NFT standards. Further, supplying high-quality image data to physically limiting smartphone cameras to understand and help capture better images.