How to use Beta App?

Login or register using your email or simply use Google OAuth

You can either upload single photos or multiple photos(1000 photos max) at a time. Use the search box above upload button to search for appropriate #hashtags for your photo(s).
Each #hashtag hold some value locked with in, we use this number to compare and give your photo a rating.



After upload photos, go to the feeds tab from the navigation bar.
Under the feeds tab you will find info related to your photo. This is where you will find how much your photos are worth.


The best way to post photos is to first check #hashtags from the Hashtags tab under the navigation menu.
Here you will find a list of 1000+ hashtags to choose from, each hashtag is assigned a monetary value. Browse through the tags look for the once which offer most avg price, check your photos in gallery, upload photos to specific hashtags to get most out of your photos.

We thank you for your step towards better and equal tomorrow. Your data is safe with us, all you need to do is show your support by uploading more photos and hope we manage to see through delivering an app which will tomorrow earn you a basic income from your photos.

Three Pillars of Pixelate

Pixelate Protocol is the byproduct of three studies; Pixelate follows the fundamentals of Economics, Computational Photography (how a camera takes a picture) and Distributed Ledger Technologies.


1. Money

Digital dividends are defined as the benefits arising from using digital technologies. Pixelate protocol enables such opportunities for an average smartphone user to participate in a global economy. If photographs are assets then photographers are the labors employed by Pixelate protocol. A digital labor market.


2. Camera

It's in the science of how image sensing devices (cameras) perceive light, camera software work on one simple principle to capture photos. We leverage this common knowledge generated from one camera to teach inferior camera hardware to capture superior quality images. One software many hardware.


3. DAOs

Blockchain as a technology allows us create an autonomous and trustless system for the internet, fueled by photos and cameras. NEAR blockchain protocol allows us to scale our NFT demand. We utilse further more smart contract standards to create DAOs, FTs and Fractal ownership.

Welcome to the Pixel House

Imagine Pixel House as an Art gallery, either you bring photos to enter the house or bring money to buy photos. Depending on your role you will be given fair access to each rooms of the house. Five rooms define what permissions you have to buy or sell photos in the house. In terms of user interface, Pixelate provides four main functions to navigate the House, namely Camera/Gallery to produce/manage photos, Wallet to manage funds, Social to trade photos in an open market and lastly Groups to manage permission and liquidity of photos.

  1. Room Camera : To enter the house with Photograph
  2. Room Wallet : To enter the house with Money
  3. Room Social : To buy and sell photos
  4. Room Groups : Storage room where either you lock your photos or money, in order to receive a weekly Dividend
  5. Lobby : This Room acts as hallway between Wallet room and Groups room, where you can easily swap values
  1. Camera : To capture new Photos and manage captured photos in gallery
  2. Wallet : To manage Money, Assets and Liquidity
  3. Social : To Like, Comment, Share and Save photos
  4. Groups : To manage and launch DAOs in form of #hashtags and manage Assets

Zero : Enter the house with valid photos or currency

One : Find buyer or seller, place bid

Two : Gain DAO access

  1. Bring Money
  2. Bring Photos

Cyber Physical System