"Labor is the work done by human beings"

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Labor is the work done by human beings. If we consider images as the finished product, a camera as a factor of production, taking a picture can be quantified as work done.

A unified labor market for demand and supply of image data and photographers as labor. There are two sides to labor economics. Labor economics can be generally be seen as the application of macroeconomics or microeconomics techniques to the labor market.

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Pixelate protocol looks at how these interactions influence macro variables such as 🛠employment level (supply of images), 🎫 participation rate (demand), 📊aggregated income(commission) and 💱 gross domestic product(Transactions).

A market    that is aware of its factors of production and a supply chain  established, can play a role of governance for wages . Pixelate protocols mechanism of supply chain works on realized commodity(image ). Data surpassed the value of oil in 2017, all the SAAS metrics consider user data and values them on the basis of ad revenue that it can generate. SAAS valuation is extremely one dimensional, where the value of the data only adds value to the company and does not give back to the owners of the data, an open market where everyone’s data is treated and evaluated on the same level, gives all the power to data owners and let them decide who can take control of it and leverage the same data to earn remuneration


Image data are richer and can be classified into many streams of general-purpose internet related usage, we consider image data as a commodity with a value of trade, image data is used widely across all internet-entities

These above business models either use user-generated image data or rely on large image datasets to showcase/market their products and services.

In order for our market to determine where to supply the image data when needed. We must classify and make channels of distribution for the factors and actors of demand. In terms of labor economics the employers’ of work.

Demand on a macro level for image data can be segregated into two streams


Where new images are being taken

Social Media

Where images end up