PIXEL Wallet

How does our Wallet application work?

A. Recharge

Just like any e-wallet, deposit some balance in your Pixel wallet. This value will always be reflected as fiat.

B. Manage Assets

All your photos that are minted as NFTs are listed here, on top all the photos that you casted your votes to appear here. Swap liquidity, withdraw funds here.

C. Manage Liquidity

Transfer funds to others or any #hashtag, its a seamless transaction between Groups and Wallet interface.

D. Earn

Your each vote is accounted for a fractal ownership against the photo, each week you will be paid a dividend for your shares.

Share, comment, like, buy

Social App

Nothing fancy, your everyday social media feed. But! Backed by value. Every like counts. Earn and Spend

Upload and Earn

Camera App

Take Photo like a pro camera and manage photos with gallery interface.


Groups App

Each and every photo belongs to at least of 5 #hashtags. Create, Administer or join a group(#hashtags) to earn.