PIXEL Social

How does our Social application work?

A. Browse the Feed

Feed is where you will find all the latest photos uploaded by everyone in your network

B. Vote

You can cast your vote to a new yet to be minted photo, which is often referred to as photos in open market. 

C. Subscribe

You can subscribe to other people by simply vesting x amount token in their public #hashtag.

D. Earn

Your each vote is accounted for a fractal ownership against the photo, each week you will be paid a dividend for your shares.

Scan and Pay

Wallet App

Photos = Money. Spend that money for a bag of chip, scan QR.

Upload and Earn

Camera App

Take Photo like a pro camera and manage photos with gallery interface.


Groups App

Each and every photo belongs to at least of 5 #hashtags. Create, Administer or join a group(#hashtags) to earn.